The other day, i went to Naheed Super Mart to get some stuff and i bought the cool’n’cool charcoal nose strips.

To my surprise, the price was very affordable. So I bought the new baby home. I was so excited to try them out but couldn’t until 2 days. Finally, I opened the box and put one mask on my stubborn nose. As per the instructions I stick on the shiny side of the strip facing my skin, I waited for 15 minutes. The nose strip became very hard. After 15 minutes I pulled out the strip and I was surprised!

The cool’n’cool charcoal strip did wonders, my skin especially my nose area is very oily and stubborn and I’ve tried a lot of nose strips in the pasts but only one worked for me(the purederm one) and now this one.

The charcoal is actually good for our skin as it purifies and takes all the junk out. The strip is black so the white heads are very visible.

To sum up, I loved the cool’n’cool charcoal nose strips. If you are going to get one, make sure to give it a try first!

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