My Top 5 Favorite Lip Colors!

Hi beautiful! I was missing for the past week or so because of my exams which i am done with now! So it means back on track.

Last night i was going to a iftar party and as i was getting ready i was looking through all of my lipstick shades and i realized that every color is either a pink or a coral. So yeah.. i am the pink coral-y type of person! But i have one red shade tho (because red is a must!)

So, i have many lip color shades, but there are only 5 colors that i love wearing. They are all super smooth and looks very natural and pretty on the lips.

So here goes:

  1. Essence Matt Lipstick:
    The no#1 is my essence matt lipstick in the shade ‘CORAL CALLING’. It is such a perfect coral color which looks so nice and natural on the lips. The texture is very smooth and glides on easily.  For me, this is a must have! Also, it is very inexpensive so here is another plus point!



    This lip pencil was my first purchase from RIVAJ and i am pretty impressed. I got it in the shade ‘POPPY’ and i loveee it!The color,the staying power and the texture- all these qualities are just right! I loved the color, it is something i can wear every single day!


    Who doesn’t own a baby lip? It is clear that the maybelline’s baby lips range is a complete WOW! I have it in PINK SHOCK! It is something i always have in my bag..


  4. NYX SOFT MATTE LIP CREAM:! Period. So creamy, perfect color and actually lasts for quite a long time!

    Essence never fails to surprise me with the best colors and textures. I have 2 shades in velvet stick, one is a red and the 2nd well… a light pink. It is in the shade PEONY STAR. It is not actually a pink but a very light nude shade.


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