To be really honest with you guys, i don’t actually have a proper morning or night time routine because let’s be honest- who follows one? 😛

What i do have and what i do follow regularly is my skin care routine. Having the best skin is something i always for and to get that it is important to have products that are best for your skin and for you to have a proper routine.

I don’t like to load my face up with so many products; i keep it nice and simple. Here is what i do and the products i use.


Wash My Face
First step, is washing my face with a gentle face wash. This one is my favorite and do wonders to my skin, while keeping it soft glowing.

Okay, i do not exfoliate my face everyday. I do it thrice a week just to get rid of any dead skin and dirt. Exfoliation also helps make your skin super soft which i loveee! So, i’ve been using this atm  and i love ittt!


Using a toner is a must every morning as it helps with your skin pH levels and also get those gross pimples away! I’ve been using this Ponds toner for over 3 months now and i am obsessed!



THE BEST STEP! I loveee moisturizing my face. Also, it is important so always make sure your skin is moisturized so it can be as best as it can be! Hands down to my Nivea Soft. Never letting it go! ❤


Dont forget your lips. Cracked and chappy lips are worst so make sure your lips are moisturized as well, use a lip balm or vaseline and it will do wonders- trust me! I use this and i am on my 3rd balm now!




Under-eye serum

I have under eye dark circles genetically 😦 I’ve been using this vit-e oil for a year now before i go to bed and i love it 🙂

Coconut Oil

I love to apply coconut oil to my hands and feet before i go to bed just to wakeup with soft skin the next morning. You can use any coconut oil available! 🙂


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    1. ikr! i’ve been using Ponds skin care for yearssss! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Same here. I can’t use anything else than Pond’s. Thank you for stopping by 🙂


  1. I also have the same skin care routine


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